Frequently Asked Questions:


What can I expect when I come?

On arrival you will asked to register for your prayer session.  This involves filling out a simple form that informs us of what your prayer need is.  At 8pm you will be able to enter the auditorium and sit quietly listening to the live worship music until your time for prayer ministry.  An Oasis team member will come and collect you and take you to the ministry team that will be praying for you. 

You will be offered a time of personal, confidential healing prayer for the struggles you are facing. You will be given approximately 20 minutes for your time of prayer ministry by one of our teams. We offer a safe place for you to receive the refreshing and refilling of God's presence. Our ministry teams consist of two or three trained men and women that carry the faith, hope and love of God in their hearts for you. Regardless of your situation, ethnicity, religious or cultural background, we welcome you. Come and experience the depths of God's love and see the power of the Holy Spirit working in your life

Can I come back?

We encourage all who come for Oasis Healing Prayer to come back again.  A return visit is ideal as it gives you a chance to grow in what you have received and then to address any other things that may have surfaced since your last visit.  It is not uncommon in the medical arena to attend follow-up visits with your doctor or surgeon so they can monitor your healing progress.  At the Oasis, we like to do the same, as this can benefit your healing journey.  We have received many reports from people who have come back multiple times, saying that each time they have come, they have taken another step forward into strength and wholeness.  There is no limit to the number of times you can come.  Some like to return because they enjoy sitting in the presence of Holy Spirit while the worship band gives glory to Father God through music and song.  You may return to receive more healing prayer or to just sit in the presence of Fathers love for you.

What about confidentiality with things that are discussed in my prayer session?

Confidentiality is a top priority at the Oasis.   What is discussed in your prayer session stays there.  For training purposes the leader may have a ‘debrief’ afterwards with the team that was involved but only from an instructional and mentoring perspective to grow those within the team so that one day they may be ready to become a team leader themselves. 

Why do you play music?

We are blessed to have a group of anointed psalmists whose greatest joy is to worship God through music and song.  We understand that God inhabits the praises of His people and so worship and music is greatly valued at the Oasis. Worship music is a vehicle through which the presence of God can be attracted and those in the building can experience for themselves the nearness and love of God as they allow His transforming love and healing power to meet their need.

Can I have the contact details of a ministry team member or an intercessor so they can pray for me outside of the Oasis Healing Rooms hours?

The Oasis Healing Rooms uses the services of local volunteer intercessors and prayers. We have chosen to limit their services to within the confines of the hours that the Oasis is open to the public. The Oasis team members and intercessors are very compassionate people with a heart to see you healed, therefore to protect them from exhaustion or burnout, we do not supply their contact details.  Our intercessors and ministry teams pray for those who come to the Oasis Healing Rooms on open nights and their intercession and prayer is focused on the specific needs that present themselves on each of these evenings. Coming to the Oasis Healing Rooms is the preferred way to benefit from the services of the intercessors and ministry teams that we have.

What happens to a prayer request that I email?

Emailed prayer requests are taken to the next open night and if we have any intercessors who are available (not involved in praying for those who have come to the Oasis that night) then they will pray for the email prayer request.  

Can I give some money as a ‘thank you’ gesture

Yes, we are extremely grateful to those who sow into the Oasis Healing Rooms.  We do not charge for your prayer time, but we are very appreciative of those who give a gift of gratitude to support the running cots of the Oasis ministry.

The Oasis Centre Trust is a registered charity and can issue tax receipts as it has approved donee status. If you would like to sow a financial seed and invest in the Oasis Ministry the most cost effective way for us is by...


If you would like to make a one off donation or set up a regular automatic payment via internet banking, our account details are:

Kiwi Bank:  38 - 9016 - 0834844 - 00            Name:  Oasis Centre Charitable Trust

If you would like a tax receipt, please email us at and include your full name, the date and the amount/s given and we will confirm and email your receipt. 

If the Oasis team are from different churches, how many churches are represented?

Approximately eight different churches are represented from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We value unity and the power that unity has to release Gods glory and blessing to flow amongst us toward those who come for healing prayer. We understand that unity flourishes in a culture of humility and honour. Unity embraces diversity, giving freedom to grow and reflect Jesus in uniquely different expressions. 

Why does the team leader sometimes call in someone else to help during my prayer session?

All of us in the Oasis are learning and growing in our diverse gifts and abilities that Holy Spirit has given us. We value what each other carry and recognise that no one has all of the answers, all of the time.  We value teamwork.  Sometimes it is helpful to have the Oasis supervisor’s input or make suggestions at certain times during a ministry session.  We have lost count of the number of times that a ‘fresh word or perspective’ or ‘significant key’ can be dropped into a ministry session to the benefit of the person receiving the prayer.

Training is a core value of the Oasis and this is accomplished both by classroom training sessions and by ‘on the spot’ practical learning during ministry sessions. The ministry team members learn and grow by watching and listening to the team leader and the team leader learns and grows by watching and listening to the Oasis supervisor.  We are all on a journey of growth for the purpose of being able to better minister to those who come for healing prayer.

Can I request a certain team leader on a return visit?

The short answer to this is, no.  We prefer to allow the Holy Spirit to choose the best person for you to see on your return visit.  The Holy Spirit is not limited to meet your need through only one person.  All of the Oasis ministry team leaders have the Holy Spirit in them and He can let them know the things you need each time you come.  We all have to learn to depend on Holy Spirit for our answers, and not one particular person.  Those who have come multiple times have experienced the diversity that comes from receiving ministry from different team leaders and their teams, and they love it.  Being open and ready to receive will position you for your encounter with God’s love and power.  Remember, your healing comes from God and no one else.

What if I know one of the team members? Can I request that they not be involved in my prayer session?

The short answer to this is, yes.  We do our best to provide prayers whom you don’t know socially.  Additionally, our team members prefer to pray for people they don’t know too.  If one of our team indicates to us that they know you, then we will ask you if you would like to receive prayer from someone else or if you are comfortable with them being involved in your prayer session.  You have the final say as to what would make you more comfortable and open to receive what Father God has for you.  Also, as we have men involved in the prayer ministry, if you would prefer not to receive prayer from a male, due to the prayer issue, please feel free to tell us.  Your feeling comfortable and safe is very important to us.

The mission of the Oasis is to create a safe, God filled environment where all who come for physical or emotional healing experience an encounter with Father God's love, forgiveness through Jesus Christ and healing by the power of the Holy Spirit.