Please send us your testimony - it  encourages those who are yet to come.  

I hurt my left knee playing sport.  I had pain trying to stand up from a sitting position and limped badly when walking.  I came two weeks ago for prayer and afterwards I felt much better – 90% healed.  I received more movement in my knee and could walk normally.  (Mar 2019)

2019 FB Mar 28.jpg

 I came to the open night tonight and had a great time praying with the ladies. It was very powerful! I feel so free now! :) I'm amazed at the effectiveness and power of the session, I would love to learn more. I'll definitely be coming back and introducing some of my friends to come along as well. (Mar 2019)

I came for prayer for my daughter and a job….After prayer I am at peace about the whole thing and know God’s gonna fight on my behalf.  I found the ministry time peaceful and serenity. (Feb 2019)

We receive prayer for marriage encouragement and blessings.  We found the ministry time full of encouragement and affirmation. (Feb 2019)

I received healing prayer for my troubled relationship and my partners depression.  After prayer I felt the weight lift from my shoulders all the confusion, negativity lift away.  A sense of calmness washed over me.  I found the Oasis ministry time very welcoming, completely at ease, safe, loving. (Feb 2019)

I visited the Oasis to receive prayer for work related stress that was affecting my mental health and social life. The stress lifted off me. Within a week of receiving the prayers, I found a new fob and the whole transition process was very fast and efficient. The Oasis environment and prayer team were very relaxed and calm. While receiving the prayers I felt the weight of stress lift off me. Praise the Lord! (Nov 2018)

I came for healing prayer to the Oasis for back and wrist pain. After prayer, all my pain has gone. I have now visited the Oasis continuously three times and I have found the people praying to be kind, patent and inspirational. (Nov 2018)


I came to receive healing prayer for trauma. Since prayer I do feel more at peace with myself. I find the Oasis to be a very safe environment and I felt peaceful after prayer. (Nov 2018)

I came to the Oasis for healing prayer because I had pain in my back, I need work and a work visa.  After prayer my pain is totally gone – completely!  I am feeling so light in body and mind. Thank you my lovely Lord!  I found the Oasis very pleasant, lots of warm and deep spiritual praying and healing. (Oct 2018)

I came with neck pain, shoulder and foot pain.  After healing prayer my neck pain was gone – my shoulder was just a very dull pain and my my foot pain was gone!  Praise God!  It was such a welcoming, friendly, caring, loving time and the presence of God was awesome! (Oct 2018)

I came for my daughter and my health issues.  I feel different after my prayer session.  I also received a word of encouragement – thank you Jesus! (Oct 2018)

I came for prayer for witchcraft and got healed by the prayer warriors and the witchcraft is now gone!  I feel different and free!  I have been suffering for eight years and now I am free!  Excellent answered prayers – thank you! (Aug 2018)


I came for prayer for a sore head and neck.  After prayer the pain was gone!  Thank you Father God for giving us your Son and leaving your spirit here until the work on earth is done! (Aug 2018)

I came to receive healing prayer some months ago to be set free from fear which I have had all my life.  After prayer I noticed a huge release.  Receiving prayer was fantastic,  A week after my Oasis prayer session I got a new job and I feel like I am a different person! (June 2018)

I came to the Oasis for healing prayer from anxiety which was really high.  Since my prayer session I now have less anxiety, hardly notice it all!  My prayer session was so lovely, was helpful and since then I have started going to church.  I will definitely be back to the Oasis for more prayer – it was so great! (June 2018)

I came to the Oasis needing prayer for two things; my relationship struggle with my daughter and health issues – I felt like needles were pricking my body.  After healing prayer my daughter texted me 2 days latter and has done so ever since and has been really nice to me since the prayer session (there had been no text or relationship before coming to the Oasis).  Also the needles that were pricking my body completely disappeared after prayer too!  My experience at the Oasis was absolutely amazing!  It definitely works!  Really like the music and atmosphere there.  Prayers are more detailed prayers and not just on the surface – thank you! (June 2018)


I had a serious legal situation involving a property dispute with a family member which is going to court. This has been the most traumatic experience. After prayer I felt more peaceful and calmer.  The experience was supportive, gentle and kind. (June 2018)

Thank you for your healing prayer.  I feel encourages by the prayer warriors standing alongside with me.  I feel jesus’ love. (June 2018)

I came for healing prayer because I had relationship issues with fiancé.  Since healing prayer there has been a real change in the relationship with my fiancé which has been great.  The prayer time was lovely, I could feel the love God flowing through everyone.  Such a lovely feeling, it was great, so gentle.  I recommend people coming to the Oasis. (May 2018) 

I came with a wounded heart; a feeling of missing out, of a need for affection and assurance from Father and of not fully belonging to Father. During the prayer time at the Oasis, Holy Spirit gave a word of knowledge that an orphan spirit had been afflicting me since my early childhood, caused by the fact that my mother was unable to provide the close affection that I needed due to her frequent sicknesses. I had believed the lies that I was alone, and didn't fully belong, even though my parents were good parents and provided for me as best they knew how. I thank the Lord for my parents and bless them.  During the healing prayer time I was really touched by the Father's Blessing.  Since receiving healing prayer for my wounded heart, Father has continued his healing through different circumstances and chance meeting with people.  I'm sure this is only the beginning of Father showing his love for me in very special ways,  just hand-crafted for me. (May 2018)


I came for healing prayer and my experience at the Oasis was awesome! (May 2018)

A lady came who had suffered from pain in her back from damage done to a disc about 30 years ago while lifting her sick child off the floor.  She arrived with a pain level of 9 out of 10.  After prayer the pain left immediately and she can now bend and touch her toes again. Her pain level is still zero and this report was given 5 weeks after receiving healing prayer at the Oasis. (May 2018)

I came suffering from oesophagus cancer and lymph node cancer with pain in my back.  After healing prayer my pain level decreased significantly and I felt peace.  My experience at the Oasis was fantastic – thank you Jesus for healing in Jesus Name! (April 2018)

A visitor wrote....."I came with schizophrenia, epilepsy, diabetes and high cholesterol. My pain level was 8 out of 10. After healing prayer I can’t hear any more voices (schizophrenia) and I feel peaceful .  During prayer I had a feeling of peace and I cupped my hands and had all my issues in my hands and I saw Jesus just stoop in and take it all away!  After prayer all my pain had gone completely!"  (April 2018)

A lady came for prayer because when she went to church she would get really emotional and upset; it was like a wound would open each time she went.  Then after church, as she would leave, she would cry. She felt like she was missing out, had given up her calling due to a change in circumstances.  This had been going on for two years and she came for healing prayer.  After her prayer session she received a picture of Jesus standing in front of her.  She was standing there in front of Him carrying a bag that held what she had needed for that church ministry position for that time.  Jesus said to her “I’ll take that back now – I’ve been waiting for that” and Jesus had a chuckle in his voice as He spoke these words to her. Now she said it feels like a soul tie, which was good for the season, but was now holding her back from moving on and into her future, was cut.  Like a pipe of connection has been cut and she is now free to move on and consider new opportunities ahead of her. Now she is attending church and enjoy being there again. (March 2018)

A lady came needing prayer for depression which has been ongoing for 20 years requiring medication.  ‘During healing prayer I felt the heaviness being lifted off while the ladies were praying for me. A light wind was surrounding me during the prayer session.  My experience was warm and friendly and an anointing was in the room.’ (March 2018)


I came for a breakthrough! I was at a pivotal point – wanting to go on  overseas missions.  A lady who didn’t see my prayer request or talk to me come over and saw me with baby on my hip in overseas country (baby is especially relevant). (March 2018)

I had pain in my left side, in my kidneys. My pain level was 7 out of 10.  After healing prayer the pain level is significantly reduced!  My experience of Oasis is always uplifting to my spirit, soul and body, when the Lord Jesus comes to deliver and heal me and our family. (March 2018)

I had pain in my left shoulder.  During healing prayer I felt heat, and received much greater movement following prayer!  It was wonderful just soaking in the presence of the Lord! (March 2018)

I came because of suffering from addictions, depression and anxiety. During healing prayer I felt totally relaxed, I didn’t want to move or couldn’t move! But the inside of me was swaying.  I didn’t know what to expect at the start of my ministry time.  It felt very personal and relaxed.  The ladies were gentle and spoke softly.  I could relate to the prayers prayed upon me.  I know realize what I have been through is a process but only through the Father I can be healed! (March 2018)


I received prayer for my anger problem concerning a family situation.  During prayer I felt the spirit of anger and all its emotional ties it had towards me be lifted out of my body and I saw a door shut.  It was gone.  I saw and felt an impression of reconciliation.  I felt the presence of God so strong in the Oasis.  I recommend anyone that comes to go for prayer - it definitely works! (March 2018)

I received prayer for the healing of my stomach/digestive system which is causing me great discomfort.  By the end of the evening all my pain had gone! (March 2018)


Another visitor writes....'I have been supporting my son who suffers from alcohol addition and this situation revealed layers of unresolved sadness and grief in me. I was feeling like I was only just treading water to survive.  After my prayer session I experienced Fathers loving presence and a release in my soul.  My experience at the Oasis was safe and peaceful.  The ladies genuine and positive words caused the hard ball of sadness within to begin to crack and I received a prophecy that rivers of living water will flow beginning tonight!' (Feb 2018)


A lady came who had been in a car accident three years earlier and due to the injuries and pain to both her feet, neck, spine and cardiovascular she was now unable to work.  The pain level on arrival was 8 out of ten.  After healing prayer her pain level dropped to 2.  She also received an encouraging word from the Lord. (Feb 2018)

As promised, now that my sister has finally given birth to a healthy and handsome baby boy, I would like to share my testimony on the miracle of my sister’s conception after a few prayer nights in Oasis last year. She had recently gotten married when she came to Oasis. She was turning 43 and was earlier told by doctors that natural conception would be impossible given her history of endometriosis, low eggs supply and scoliosis. She was offered IVF but didn’t want to do it. She decided to believe in God’s miraculous provision. 

When she was prayed over, the Holy Spirit had revealed through the intercessors her emotional issues, the history of miscarriages in our family and the need for cutting curses in our family tree and intergenerational healing. Her succeeding visits allowed her to soak in words of encouragement, healing emotions and prophecies of full term pregnancy. 


Two months later, she conceived! The skeptical doctors were amazed, even as succeeding recommended tests were taken. Everything was normal as the pregnancy progressed and her back problems did not even interfere with her growing belly! When Baby Zachary was born, everything went well, my sister was coping very well and recovered fast. (The meaning of his name is “God has remembered”.) For a couple who married late in life, Baby Zachary gave so much joy and blessing! 

Their baby is a testimony that God’s timing is perfect, He restores in double portions, and nothing is impossible for those who rely completely in His power, love and mercy! Our family would like to thank Oasis for opening doors to people who would like to see God’s power overflow in their lives! Praise God for raising the Oasis prayer warriors who are passionate about demonstrating God’s love and miracles in New Zealand!  (Received Feb 2018)

A young teenager came needing healing prayer for depression and pain in her head.  She received healing prayer and the pain in her head left completely.  She was filled with joy and peace. The heaviness was gone and her eyes shone with the radiance of Christ within! (Feb 2018)


A lady came requesting to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. She received infilling and began to sing the most beautiful song in a new language and the love and joy of her worship was so beautiful.

Also she had suffered from poor hearing since she was a child – often falling over during her teenage years.  While she was getting filled with the Holy Spirit, her ears were opened and she could hear clearly!  She had not even asked the Spirit of God to heal her ears!!  (Feb 2018)

The morning after my prayer session at the Oasis I woke up sooo full of God’s love that I have been crying with joy.  I am overwhelmed by His kindness towards me! Something really shifted last night and I feel like a little girl… I just want to hop and jump with joy and cry with love that covers me!  Last night I went to receive healing prayer for the pain in my shoulder muscles and back.  This morning I have 50% less pain and definitely a big shift in the muscles tenseness I had.  I feel that there is life running through the vessels again like the blood is alive and working again.  My neck and shoulders are definitely so much better, (now only a 2 or 3 out of 10 so the pain is nearly gone) and they were sooo bad.  I believe that my healing is still happening as I write this.  Yes, something big and heavy shifted.  I feel Jesus soooo close to me this morning I could touch it.  I will never forget this feeling. (Feb 2018)

A lady came with eye problems, had received surgery but was still experiencing difficulty.  After healing prayer she gained improvement in her eye function and also (as a bonus) could hear better than when she arrived. (Feb 2018)

A man came with muscle and joint pain, right knee damage.  He shuffled in to his prayer session.  After healing prayer he reported 99% improvement in motion and pain level.  He left walking freely without pain. (Feb 2018)

Two ladies came with pain from fibromyalgia.  Both women experienced an immediate drop in pain level by about 50%. (Feb 2018)


I had chronic hip pain for 20 years, and on pain killers most days. Doctors suggest arthritis.  Afther healing prayer pain level dropped from 9 to 2 out of 10!  Slept well and still no pain today! (Feb 2018)


A lady came with osteoarthritis in her knees, legs and ankles.  She was having difficulty sitting and rising to stand again.  After healing prayer she jumped up off her chair and said the pain was gone from her knees, leg bones and ankles. (Feb 2018)

A person with nausea/stomach upset left with all symptoms gone. (Feb 2018)


I would like to thank the Lord for His healing touch on my left shoulder when members of the Oasis team ministered healing prayer for me.  Before prayer I could not put my shirt on or my car seat belt on without pain.  The doctor told me that my shoulder joint muscles were not getting enough blood through to it. But after prayer, I now have equal movement with my right shoulder and the pain has gone!. (Feb 2018)

Last Thursday was my first time at Oasis. My experience was so rich with God’s love!!! It took me back to the first time I accepted the Lord in my life. The love of God was so strong and I left on a high. Since I was prayed for by 3 beautiful team members, who were so loving, I felt at peace and anxiety left. The brokenness that I felt for my youngest son left. Tonight, one week later, I have returned to receive more of God's love.  I felt as if a burden has been lifted from me as we prayed for my childhood and past. I just want to give hearty praise to our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ and all praise and thanks. Thank you all my brothers and sisters for committing your time for praying for the needy. Thanks so so much. I love meeting with an awesome team!!  God’s richest blessings to you all. (Sep 2017)


I came for prayer for cleanness from generational issues,  and the presence of Jesus and freedom. After healing prayer I feel absolutely changed. I feel cleansed and released. (Sept 2017)

One week ago I came for prayer as I am separated from my husband and needed some encouragement, strength and peace while waiting for marriage restoration.  I received prayer for healing for my broken heart, the trauma and unpleasantness.  I was filled with God’s love.  After prayer my heart felt touched, cleansed, whole. I feel more at peace. I feel more patience & relaxed.  I found the Oasis worship music lovely and soothing – spirit lifting and leads you into the presence of God.  The prayer teams are gentle, kind,  loving & compassionate.  They seek the Holy Spirits guidance on what to pray so always the focus is on God and what He wants to do, or where He wants to lead. (Sep 2017)

A young man received healing prayer for generational relationship issues. He didn't want them carrying over into his own future relationships.  He reported that during the healing prayer session, he had experienced an inner struggle to release the hurts and pains, but once he released them, he felt the cleansing and washing of the love of Jesus and he was thankful for the prayer guidance during his healing and freedom process. He also received an amazing picture from Jesus once he had released his hurts and pains to Christ. (Sep 2017)

FBwedding sept2017v3.jpg

A lady came for healing prayer, she emailed to say...." just to let you know last night God did something really deep. I feel so loved and have this picture with me constantly of Him wrapping me in this coat of righteous. It has been with me since last night and today while I am at work. I feel so loved!  I feel normal like I am accepted - no more shame -  I am worthy of Gods love! It is like a warmth around me, it is wonderful.  Also that open door that God wanted me to step into (He has slammed the door of my past shut) and I must turn my face to the sun and not look back to my past. I must go toward the sun and not look back. I have such peace and excitement for what ever God has for me. I know I am loved for the first time in my life! Gods love - it is so lovely, He loves me!  Sorry for raving on but this so new and lovely to me.. .  thanks for your love and prayers (Sep 2017)

One man wanted to get filled with the Holy Spirit - he received and spoke with a new heavenly language.  After prayer he went to McDonald's and was so full of joy that he kept speaking in tongues and giving glory to God while he was there. (Sep 2017)

A women received healing prayer in August for historical abuse and said that after the prayer session had finished she felt like she had woken up out of a comma - like having come out of the fog - she felt alive and all the colours around her seems bright and alive. She said she hadn't realised that she could feel so different. This testimony was given three weeks after the healing prayer session (Aug 2017)


"I asked for prayer because I hadn't been feeling well for about 10 days. I had received a vaccination 10 days earlier which made me become very tired and was having severe headaches.  I was also experiencing pain in my arm and should after the injection. I was currently in the process of preparing to be with my daughter who is having a baby, in Australia. The prayer team prayed for me. They also prayed for my daughter for the delivery to go well. 

The next morning I got up and felt strengthened and absolutely refreshed!  I also realised that I had slept through the night which I hadn't done for more than a week. I realised that God did a miracle and healed me from all I had experienced for about 10 days. I give thanks to Father God".  (Aug 2017)

In March, this year, I came to the Oasis Healing Rooms and received prayer for a condition, I have had for ten years. It was PMR (definition: Polymyalgia Rheumatica -a rheumatic disease causing inflammation of the muscles - symptoms include muscle pain and stiffness, affecting both sides of the body, and involving the shoulders, arms, neck, and buttock areas).  Without steroid medication it was difficult for me to walk. On my return to the UK in April I had a checkup at my doctors, the blood test came back clear. No sign of any inflammation. I am healed, and weaning off the last milligram of medication. I also had prayer for a long term knee injury. It is significantly better. I'm standing in faith for complete healing. Thank you for your ministry, and glory to God, my healer.         ....Thanks, doesn't really cover it! (June 2017)

I came with pain in my right shoulder and knee. I received a real touch from God.  I felt a refreshing and strengthening in my shoulder and spine.  The change has been not just better posture, but a new vitality and strength!  Thank you Lord for the Oasis Healing Rooms ministry, thank you for your real presence among your people there. (May 2017)

I came to the Oasis in April struggling with shame and its effect on my relationships. When I walked into the Oasis, I felt the immediate presence of God – so uplifting and empowering. FAITH RISES!! I received prayer and didn’t notice an immediate change but over the following week I experienced a lifting, a lightening of spirit, an outpouring of confidence with people. Things are different now in how I feel around people.   (May 2017)

I came in February, premenstrual and feeling very unwell physically and needing healing. I also needed help to forgive my father, for I was unable to trust him. Since receiving prayer, I no longer have continuous nausea in my stomach, headaches and my sinuses have cleared up too! It was a very comforting and supportive experience.  Very peaceful.  (May 2017)

I brought my daughter with me in March.  She was addicted to marijuana. After prayer things have really changed for her.  She is in a much better happier place, new job, good flatmates, she has turned a corner.  We felt very safe and secure with the team that prayed with her.  Thank you. (May 2017)

Over the past two weeks I have been suffering from painful thumbs and wrists. I was now having difficulty holding a pen and writing which I need to do for my job.  The doctor said I was developing osteoarthritis.  On arrival, my pain level was about 6-7.  We prayed through some issues of the heart relating to past events many years ago that the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance. After prayer my pain level had dropped significantly down to a 2 and we hadn’t even prayed for the condition!  I then received prayer for the pain in my hands and wrists and the pain decreased even more and I can now move my fingers and wrists more than I have been able to for weeks without pain! I felt the presence and peace of God on me.  (May 2017)

I came for prayer because at work I was feeling that I wasn’t good enough, others were getting the roles than me. I was full of hurt, pain, and hate against my work colleagues.  Through healing prayer I was helped to deal correctly with my hurt emotions and I felt the presence of God.  He touched and healed my heart and said “I am with you always – Trust Me.” The Oasis is an amazing place to be in the presence of the Lord.  Great prayer warriors is what I call it.  Thank you Jesus!  (May 2017)

I received prayer on 20th April.  I had severe pain in my spine right down my back.  I felt really uncomfortable and stressed the night I received prayer.  This condition has been longstanding.  May pain level on arriving for prayer was about a 9 out of 10.  I received prayer for issues of the heart. They didn’t even pray for my back. After I had received prayer I felt immediate relief - 80% of the pain had left! My pain level dropped immediately to about a 2.  I felt like a tight band had snapped in my back when they prayed and I was released to function normally again. Two weeks have now past and I am still 80% better – Praise God! (May 2017)

For over ten years I have had problems with my right knee- cartilage wear. That night walking into the Oasis Healing Rooms I was having a bad day with just walking on it. After prayer I found myself able to stand full weight on it and able to bend my knee with no pain. For the next week I thanked God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for my healing. Now I can lift and carry two sheets of gib (35kg) on my right side and get no pain. Plus I can do dance lifting moves with my wife with no problems. My physiotherapist is happy with my recovery/healing.  The Oasis team is very professional and passionate about the healing power of Jesus and I have no problem in recommending them to anyone who requires healing prayer. (Feb 2017)

During the last two years, I had to give up work due to several serious accidents I had; a broken hip, broken shoulder, and several head injuries leading to my legs becoming stiff and being unable to walk! I had to use crutches and a walker to get around. I had lived in pain for the past two years, unable to walk independently. I was having to take strong drugs to sleep at night. During prayer, the pain level dropped from severe to zero!  I feel wonderful! Pain free! I can walk and throw my crutches and walker away!” (Feb 2017)

A man had suffered with a lot of pain in his back and had been seeing a physio but with no success in pain reduction or movement. He had to stop work because of the pain. After prayer at the Oasis, the pain left totally and he could move his back and twist again – he was pumped! (Feb 2017)

A lady received some x-rays showing thinning/deterioration of her right hip which explained the pain and loss of movement she was experiencing.  She couldn’t reach her shoes anymore to tie them up.  After prayer, her movement returned, she could lift her right leg higher than she has been able to for some time and could now reach her foot to tie her shoe! I can now move my right hip and do moves I couldn't do before!  God is so good. (Feb 2017)

I came to the healing rooms in November and received prayer. I was there due to a major life change and needed some encouragement. The 3 ladies who ministered to me were lovely. The prayer I received was profoundly deep and was nothing like what I expected. I left feeling lighter and really encouraged. One of the woman spoke into my life.  I was challenged by what she said but kinda dismissed it. Things were pretty tough, however in recent weeks my situation has suddenly begun to turn around for the good. I've now been reminded of the words that woman spoke to me and how she encouraged me and now I'm starting to see that what she said to me was indeed the word of God. Thank you Healing Rooms you are a blessing. You are a place for the weary to come and drink from the well.  (Nov 2016)

I came for health and family. Feeling a load lighter. (Nov 2016)

I came for some encouragement and healing. I feel very blessed and that things are changed for me. Lovely experience and prayers were spot on. (Nov 2016)

 I came in with something heavy in my mind and heart and leaving feeling lighter and better than I came.  Thank you to the team who prayed for me. God’s Spirit and presence was definitely there. Thank you God. (Nov 2016)

A lady had been in an accident 20+ years ago and had broken her foot.  It had caused her pain on and off since the accident.  Recently the pain had increased so the lady prayed as directed by the Oasis prayer ministers and the pain left and has not come back. (Oct 2016)

I came to the Oasis Healing Rooms after my doctor gave me a referral to the hospital with a suspected precancerous skin lesion on my lip. I have had it for about 18 months. Between the time of receiving prayer and attending my hospital appointment, the skin lesion disappeared!   The surgeon said she could not find it.  It was gone!  Praise God for His goodness and for the prayers of the ministry team at the Oasis. (Jul 2016)

 A lady received prayer for her daughter. The daughter had one cochlear implant and needed another one. After prayer at the Oasis Healing Rooms, the specialist said her daughter didn't need the second one because her hearing was now fine. (June 2016)

My encounter and experience with the Lord on Thursday at the Oasis was awe-inspiring and phenomenal.(June 2016)

After speaking with the team I felt a heaviness lift from inside of me, which I now realize was fear. Thank you so much. My mind is clearer. The team were able to explain to me what was happening which really resonated with me.I feel stronger. Thank you for the prayers. (May 2016)

I felt a real peace of God and felt that areas were touched that would really help in some difficult relationships. I felt released in the areas I had felt emotionally very uptight about. (May 2016)

I came in tonight with heavy burdens of unforgiveness and anxiety. I am now leaving feeling very light and happy, almost giggling with praise for the Lord. (Mar 2016)

Have come in for prayer twice. The first time I felt God’s presence in the foyer before going in for prayer and once inside felt God’s love upon me. The second time I had things broken off me that were weighing me down and holding me back. One of the ladies shared a picture she saw that was so encouraging. The other lady, too, had a different picture that explained exactly what I had been going through. I was hugely encouraged. (Mar 2016)

As we were praying I realized I take on too much and should allow God to do His job and not rely on my own understanding and strength. He also spoke to me and said “to let go and allow Him to work in my life.” (Mar 2016)

Came tonight thinking I knew what was wrong and how God was going to fix it! But God showed me I needed to give it all up to Him. And no man had the answer, only He did! I asked for peace in my life and I felt His love fill me and I feel full of positive things knowing He has my back and I have to trust Him and His word. (Mar 2016)

I began to feel my sinuses clear and definitely clearer than when I walked in. (Mar 2016)

I came with lots of pain in my knees and dependent on pain killers. I am now free of both the pain and the medication. Thank you so much. Praise Jesus.  (Mar 2016)

I came for prayer for a tiny tumor in my pituitary gland and anxiety and childhood trauma. I felt healed and a huge breakthrough after amazing prayer from 3 amazing women of God. (Feb 2016)

I came for prayer about insomnia and adrenal fatigue, causing cortisol levels to be out of whack. During prayer I felt God’s presence and a peace flow through me. I believe I am healed and will sleep well tonight for the first time in years.  Also the tension in my neck released. (Feb 2016)

I grew up with a very angry father whom I know deep down loved me, but there was words spoken over me and abuse I suffered.  Recently my anger had resurfaced, so I received prayer at the Oasis - WOW!  The Lord broke the generational curse of anger - I felt it most powerfully - I feel so light, free and forgiven! Praise the Lord! (Oct 2015)

I came to the Oasis Healing Rooms in a dry and despondent place. I had just experienced a deep disappointment and entered a breaking of my heart that caused me to question whether I’d been hearing God, as God had been speaking to me quite a bit, but the difference between what I heard and what I saw in my life had me almost question my sanity.

While giving few details, what was prophesied over my life was exactly what God had been saying to me in the quiet place. It’s still a lonely place but He has confirmed inside and out that it’s the right one. Psalm 27:3 (Sept 2015)

I have had stomach issues for the last month and a half. The team prayed for me. As they were praying they got on to confirming God’s words to me.I have been anointed with the gift of the Holy Spirit and as they were praying I felt the knot or the ball in my stomach start to dissolve – I do believe it is in progress and as God promised it will be completely healed. May you all be blessed. (Sept 2015)

Came with a torn ligament from running in the forest and now have no pain in my right foot. Yay! (Sept 2015)

I came in struggling with a particular fear.  Having people pray with me left me feeling stronger, braver and filled with a new, refreshed infilling of the Holy Spirit. I also received a revelation of God’s love for me. (Sept 2015)

I came to the healing rooms as I felt like I needed prayer for fear in my life. The Prayer was very confirming of what God has been saying to me. One person got a picture of me on a bike and God helping me along and saying to trust Him. I've previously had 2 'bike' words from God so this was really encouraging. (Aug 2015)

I came for healing and encouragement. When I was prayed for I felt a sense of God's love and also of release, especially from anxiety and stress. It was a blessing. Some of the words prayed over me were right on target and confirmed what I have been sensing for a long time. Very encouraging and uplifting. (Aug 2015)

I was diagnosed with a large polyp inside my uterus. The specialist advised me to remove it as soon as possible because it may become cancerous/pre-cancerous. (they need to check this with a biopsy).   I came for prayer for miracle healing on June 17 and was prayed for by the team.

The person praying said they believed that Jesus  was healing me at that time. I was asked if I felt warmth in my tummy? I said no, not at that time. Then later,  when I was driving home, I felt really strongly that my lower tummy felt quite warm but I didn't take it seriously. I thought it was just a feeling.  When I went for surgery there was no polyp there!. Thank you Jesus. (Jul 2015)

I came for prayer about eight months ago. Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all that were involved with us during our time at the Oasis Healing Rooms you were all so gentle, loving and kind. For myself having had prayer for the breakage of generational abuse etc the results have been miraculous! It is like the light came into the darkness immediately and I haven't looked back since that Prayer night. God has been so faithful and my life has changed forever. (Jul 2015)

My husband came two weeks ago for prayer for his grandmothers illness (kidney failure) which the doctor declared that his grandmother in Malaysia had only two weeks to live. We came to the Oasis healing Rooms for prayer for his Grandmothers illness. Miraculous! His grandmother survived and did not pass away. Her life was extended after we came for prayer. God is so good and faithful. Thanks to the team of Oasis Healing Rooms for praying for my husband's grandmother. Praise the Lord (Jul 2015)

I came in with anxiety, fear, shame and a spirit of failure on me. I felt like the rug was going to be pulled out from under me. But God has shown me his love and that in him I have peace, joy, strength, courage and I am loved. I am totally his as much as he is mine. Whatever I decide, if I trust in Him, he will move with me. (Jun 2015)

I turned up with a sore left shoulder which has given me a lot of pain. After prayer the pain was significantly reduced and I felt more freedom in my arm movement. I also felt much more peaceful. Thank you! (Jun 2015)

Thank you team for washing me with the love of Jesus and leading me in repentance from fear. My whole body felt completely cleansed and freed from all illness with the presence of Jesus. I pray that I will remain in his love and trust from now onwards and that he shows me his light always in every situation. Bless you Oasis - thank you so much. (Jun 2015)

I came a month ago for prayer for miscarriage and grief. Indeed God is so faithful. I felt His deep presence and love overwhelming. I feel the deepest love ever. I no longer feel condemned and my heart is free. (May 2015)

I felt really encouraged getting confirmations along the way of what I am sensing and believing for. I wanted to say thank you to all who prayed and took time out tonight. God bless. (May 2015)

I left feeling very encouraged to try and do the season I am in well (all that I am facing). Thanks for the faithful men and women who dedicate their time for this. (May 2015)  

Everything I felt, struggled with my battles and heartache were all felt by the team praying for me. My heart was opened while waiting. Listening to the lady singing softened my heart. I leave with peace, freedom, reassurance, hope and belief my God hears my prayers. I am not forgotten and I am loved. Thanks you to all of you who give of your time to pray for people like me. (May 2015)

I have had prayer for my neck. It has been feeling much better. I always feel so encouraged and blessed every time I come to healing rooms. God really speaks to me every time I show up. (May 2015)

I just feel my whole body is warmed up by the Holy Spirit. I feel peace, happy and joyful. My heart is restored and I feel healed. (Apr 2015)

A special time of receiving and relaxing. two"special angels " full of grace and gentleness and full of His love! A time I have never experienced before. I thankful heart for these moments of a real touch from Jesus! (Apr 2015)

I am Thankful for the prayers, I felt Gods presence. This has been an amazing experience for me as I felt God's love over me. (Mar 2015)

I developed TMJ last October and have been in pain since with limited jaw movement. I came with pain scale of 8/10 and now it's a 1-2! Yay Jesus. I am scheduled to have surgery soon but am believing for complete restoration of jaw joint. Thanks team. (Mar 2015)

I came hoping to be healed of my sickness and left healed of my brokenness and forgave those who have hurt me over many years. I am now free to walk with Jesus into newness and hear His voice leading me on to the purpose He has for me. I will not look back but will seek His face and fearlessly minister to those He places in my path. Praise God for His faithfulness. (Mar 2015)

I was carrying a weight around, but did not really realize how all my past was impacting me. I came back to the Lord a few years ago and always felt, through it all, God had his hand on me. The 2 ladies who prayed for me knew my healing was more than the arthritis I had asked prayer for. God is amazing, I feel tomorrow is a new day and I am finally free, truly FREE! Thanks You dear Lord! (Mar 2015)

Suffered from neck pain and wrist pain for over 6 months. Tonight I felt a freedom like I haven't known for ages. Praise God. (Mar 2015)

My throat has stopped stinging and I have been battling for weeks with this. Also, the Holy Spirit was kind enough to reveal 2 areas, that I have continued to harbor unforgivness in myheart that Ireally thought I had dealt with. I repented and am very happy to have that broken off my life. Thanks you Oasis. (March 2015)

My tailbone is healed in the might name of Jesus Christ!!! (March 2015)

Thanks you so much for asking God, and nurturing me and healing any unbroken wounds from me and my mother andfamily and breaking any generational issues around my illness. You really hit the spot with your amazing prayer. I could feel a lot releasing from me and the fear that's been holding it down. (March 2015)

I was left for dead in a motorbike accident way back in 1987.  I didn't realise until tonight how much hurt/trauma/unforgiveness I have been carrying behind me for the last 27 years. By the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, tonight I am now free of these things. I feel lighter and more clarity of mind. The vision I received through the intercessors was amazing and so encouraging. I will now spend some father and son time with the Lord and have some outdoor adventure fun.  Praise the Lord and all his wonderful helpers at Healing Rooms. With gratitude ... (Feb 2015)

I came out of desperation to end my suffering, emotional, mental and physical.  I've been carrying burdens of depression, insecurity, fear and abandonment for years.  After prayer I felt a gentle peace and calming. I feel a little more relaxed. What was interesting was the releasing of my 'gifts' of compassion and mercy. I've always felt a need to help to counsel others. When I have regained my full strength I intend to study counselling (Feb 2015)

I suffer from a heart defect and have recently had Gout. An awesome presence tonight in this healing atmosphere - peaceful and beautiful serenity. I felt calmness and tingling that something was moving and shifting. Looking forward to restoration on your promises Lord. Thank you (Feb 2015)

I feel really peaceful. I have an uncertain future but felt the presence of God on me. I feel I can trust in him because he has a plan for me. (Nov 2014)

Healing rooms is a great experience. Thank you so much to God for giving me this opportunity to meet the team. I feel lots of peace and calm and definitely more confident. Thanks! (Nov 2014)

I came seeking help with an inner battle within me that I am not good enough for God's plan for my life. During prayer a peace descended on me that he covers me no matter what. I can now trust that he has my best interests in His heart for me and I have to just step forward into the future knowing he is by my side. (Nov 2014)

Set Free - I released stuff and was given Jeremiah 29:11.  I saw a rainbow towards the end and a person from the prayer team said a rainbow is a sign of God's promises. She said God has got presents for me to open. I shared about a dream I had 2 nights ago that was about presents that I was opening. Thank you Jesus. Glory to God. (Nov 2014)

I received prayer for my lower back as I had sprained it while caring for one of my children and had been in a lot of pain and discomfort for about 8 days. The doctor said it would take 6 weeks for me to recover, I am excited to tell you that when I woke up this morning the pain was almost gone and as the day progressed I didn't need any pain relief and as I'm writing this now the pain is totally gone! Praise God it feels awesome to be pain free. (Nov 2014)

Tonight I felt the anointing and blessing of God flow through me. I felt His love and plans for good as I move forward in Him. (Nov 2014)

I felt rested and peaceful after feeling exhausted all day. I felt God's love pour over me. Feeling blessed. (Nov 2014)

"I've condemned myself for not praying or spending time with God for a deeper relationship. I didn't even notice that I've condemned myself. During healing prayer, I could forgive myself first and prayed for my family's salvation. I feel much lighter and confident as a daughter of God after the healing prayer." (Nov 2014)

"I came here because everything was so painful and the Lord led me to come for prayer tonight. I am grateful for the prayer and feel so blessed. I now feel much better. Praise the Lord." (Nov 2014)

I just wanted to realise God was there and I was asking him for good health for me and my family. He knows what is best for me. I felt really amazing after healing prayer and felt like I was with God and his people were around me. Thanks. (Oct 2014)

 I was prayed for regarding Generational abuse and the impact that it had on my life. It was my first time and I found the experience amazing, I immediately felt different and over the next few days I felt lighter and my mind felt clearer and I felt so much joy in knowing that the door had been shut on all of my past. I feel more confident in knowing that I can now move forward in freedom and embrace what plans God has for my life! I am so excited to see where God takes me and so want Him to use me to help others. Keep up the amazing work that you do and your faithfulness to God in ministering to others. Thank you and I will recommend your ministry to others. (Oct 2014)

I had prayer for feelings of abandonment from very young and grief in my life owing to all my family passing away. After prayer I'm feeling very free and walking in a new day, closing the door on the old. I am very encouraged and blessed! Thanks you. (Oct 2014)

"I felt really encouraged that God loves me and is with me at a time thathas been very dark and difficult. I feel comforted and helped. (Oct 2014)

I felt God's peace and the filling up of the Holy Spirit. I feel release, calmness and weight lifted off. Feeling so blessed. Thank you. (Oct 2014)

I feel relief and have given everything to God. It makes my body feel better and I am thinking better. (Oct 2014)

I felt secure and loved. (Oct 2014)

I have suffered depression for the past 3 years. This evening I experienced the peaceful and calming presence of the Lord. Thank you very much. (Oct 2014)

I came in full of torment, anxiety and negativity tonight but the team really took the time to uplift me, encourage and speak the truth of God into my life. I wasn’t going to come tonight but I’m glad I did. (Sep 2014)

I came tonight for prayer/healing of heart spasms which have been on the increase the last few months. As we prayed ..... I experienced a lightened feeling in my upper body and a release of tension I didn't realise I was carrying. I also feel a sense of happiness returning and confidence as I leave here of ongoing healing both physically and emotionally. (Aug 2014)

The team just understood what was going on in my life without having to explain much, just God was telling them through prayer. Thank you so much for reminding me of the amazing love of God. Just what I needed. (Aug 2014)

While praying..... it was like a burden weighing me down being lifted then peeled off. Feeling free and blessed. Thanks! (Aug 2014)

I felt freedom andlightness of my heart. (Aug 2014)

Following 10 months of having a sore stomach, bloating and weakness I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the intestines). After prayer at Healing Rooms I am now healed of all stomach discomfort and back to full health with lots of energy. A CT scan of my stomach showed no abnormalities. Thank you Jesus. (Jul 2014)

Such a peace while getting prayed for. This is a fantastic ministry - thank you so much. (Jul 2014)

I came in feeling anxious, nervous, upset and confused but I left feeling an amazing peace that simply cannot be explained. I also got a vision too which I never normally get. Praise God. (Jul 2014)

I came to my first healing rooms a few weeks ago for prayer with regards to a "shadow cabnovnial"on my right lung. I received prayer from 3 people who prayed over me. I definitely felt the Holy Spirit enter my heart that night. I felt light inside and extremely calm and peaceful. The following friday I went to middlemore hospital for my 2nd lot of chest Xrays. That same afternoon the results were sent to my Doctor who phoned me to say my lungs were clear. Praise the Lord - how amazing is he! (Jul 2014)

I felt that God was working in my whole body through the team. I felt his love through them. I felt my body relaxing but mostly I felt loved and noticed in a way that I have longed for all my life. This helped to heal my heart which is the most hurt. I was alternately sad and giddy/giggly. I don't think it will be long now before my sadness is completely healed. (Jul 2014)

I am grateful for the Healing Room Ministry and the love they share and the wisdom they feed into me. I am grateful for the sense of calm and peace that came over my mind and being through the prayers that were shared and spoken over me tonight. Thank you for unity and blessing. I know more light will shine into all my family through this ministry. (Jul 2014)

I never  ceases to amaze me what God does in this ministry. Even down to having EXACTLY  the right people praying over/ for you when you come. (Jul 2014)

I had come for prayer for a miraculous move from God in a difficult family situation, for forgivness between all the parties and a peaceful outcome. I left feeling completely at peace. Thank you. (Jul 2014)

I wasn't expecting the pure peace which flowed through me and over me. I felt the Holy Spirit move through me without a doubt. It was so clear how real and powerful his message was to me and for me. The ladies who helped me were incredibly special, helpful, loving, caring healers. I feel so much stronger already, filled with warmth and love, courage and joy. THANK YOU. (Jul 2014)

As a nurse, I wash my hands twenty plus times a day. After 38 years of nursing my hands developed a rash which to varying degrees lasted about a year. At the worst of times my hands were fiery red and it was embarrassing to have patients look at them. One of the hardest things about it was I couldn't wear my wedding ring. I thought I would never be able to wear it again. I sought advice from occupational health, a specialist and my GP. The prescribed medication would help for a few days but the rash would always reoccur.

My wife encouraged me to get prayer at the Healing Rooms which I did. One lady in the team praying for me said I was to take communion daily for a week and the rash would disappear. I did what she said and nothing happened, then about a month later I noticed that there was NO rash on my hands. No matter what I did to my hands, or how many times I washed them the rash would not reoccur and it has not reoccurred over the 9 months since I was prayed for and I can wear my wedding ring without any problem.

I do thank God for healing me and I thank you Healing Rooms people for having and organization where this could be facilitated. (May 2014)

 I felt peace right through my body and my leg felt a lot better. (May 2014)

After fostering a young boy, he had to be sent on. My health deteriorated. I suffered stress, health issues and guilt. After prayer.....a veil of happiness came over me. A release. God said forgiveness and healing.... I felt a huge relief and God's presence in me. Praise the Lord. My nose and sinus' and chest breathing is better. (May 2014)

I came here carrying the burden of the world on my shoulders, full of stress, worry and anxiety and needing physical healing for my shoulder and tendons on my arms and leg. The team prayed for me and I felt a great sense of peace settle over me and that God loves me. He wants me to talk to him and take more time with him in quiet moments. also for me to be willing to listen and trust him. (May 2014)

I was revived! Encouraged. Set free to walk into my full healing. Thank you team. May you be blessed! (May 2014)

I came for prayer for distress and torment over my mind and feelings of unworthiness and rejection. Felt the overwhelming love and peace and power of God's presence. I was on fire and got cleansed and delivered from the past. I am expectant for the quickening of the promises of God now I am aligned in his perfect will. (May 2014)

I love the experience of God's presence. I now have a peace and the tools to tackle my situation. My God is good. (May 2014)

I felt the presence of the Lord and his word. Truly amazing, I am healed!! (May 2014)

The personal prayer was spot on. It was further confirmation to me of what God has already been saying, particularly regarding breaking the darts of the enemy. You are all a blessing and encouragement with words of love, life and truth. (April 2014)

I felt secure and loved. It was beautiful. (April 2014)

A person came for prayer who had been suffering for some weeks with severe pain in their back and side - especially at night making it really difficult to move in bed and sleep. They received prayer and that night were able to sleep and turn over with reduced pain. By the next night they were pain free and have been pain free ever since! (Apr 2014)

I came seeking answers or some kind of sign that God is real. After being prayed for I felt a presence with me and some of the tension in my shoulders release. I now know more fully that when I decide to seek God he will be there. (Apr 2014)

I experienced joy unspeakable, Divine and emotional healing from all residue from the enemies assignments over my whole life. I now believe the truth about who I am. I no longer accept the lies of the enemy. (Apr 2014)

I felt at peace and full of joy. I let go of all the hurt I had. (Apr 2014)

I felt God's power release me. I felt an immediate freedom over my life. I declare that I am free! (Apr 2014)

I came in for prayer for pain, tendinitis and a possible tear in my right shoulder. I felt the presence of God on my hands and peace. I felt encouraged by the words they were relevant to where I'm at.  Thanks. (Apr 2014)

I wanted prayer for sore shoulders and neck and fresh word from God. When I was being prayed for I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and then felt like a blanket of peace came over me. It felt like a comfortable blanket, warm and safe. I feel like I can curl up into a little ball and sleep. Beautiful feeling. (April 2014)

The team were so welcoming and kind to me, I really felt that they were spoken words from God. This is a wonderful ministry. I came for inner healing of anger and the team gave me hope and words of encouragement to believe that I have confidence in my healing. (Feb 2014)

I had strep throat and reoccurring unwellness. I had prayer to restore immune system.  After prayer I felt a cold sense in my stomach area and the people praying were really hot! I thought there was a fan blowing on me or directed at my stomach. (Feb 2014)

 I returned from an overseas trip which I enjoyed immensely. The day after my travel I was lifting weights and severely strained my back to the point the pain was referred through my right leg (sciatica). My experience in the Healing rooms was that pain was removed by at least 80-90%.  Further tothat some relevant prophetic revelations were imparted to me. I feel this is the start of transition. (Feb 2014)

A man was wanting to join the police force but his eye sight was not up to the required standard. He received healing prayer. His eyes were uncomfortable for the next three days and then the discomfort left. He went for another eye test and his eye sight was now above the requirement! (Feb 2014)