Serving with us in the Oasis ministry is an exciting opportunity which offers personal growth within your gifting area while helping those in need. 

The Registration of Interest Form is available for the four areas of ministry service available within the Oasis Healing Rooms teams. It is possible to join Oasis training anytime during the year.  The ministry areas include:    

1. Prayer Ministry 

2. Intercessor, Prophetic & Seer Ministry 

3. Worship Ministry (musicians and singers)

4. Support & Administration areas

We offer you a pathway to move forward, allowing you the opportunity to become more fruitful and effective as you serve Father God with us at the Oasis. The training for these groups is explained below and provides specific teaching which targets where you are currently in your development and increases confidence in using your gifts while helping those in need.

For more information on training in the four areas of service, please scroll down this page.


The Oasis has developed a training pathway for those who would like to become a part of the Oasis Healing Prayer family. For those who wish to be involved specifically in the Oasis Prayer Ministry, the training pathway is outlined below. It is possible to join Oasis training anytime during the year. Criteria applies.

Oasis Ongoing Training:

The first step for all those who desire to be more involved in the Oasis Healing Prayer Ministry or any of the four ministry areas is to attend an open night and receive personal prayer for any need you may have. This gives you the opportunity to experience, first hand, if the Oasis Healing Prayer Ministry style is what you would like to be involved in. If you are still interested, then please make yourself known to us on an open night, and email through the Registration of Interest Form (click on the button below) and we will be in contact.

The training focus is on equipping through worship, teaching and small group mentoring. The training is facilitated in a supportive environment of 'family' with all of the four ministry areas learning and growing together. This strengthens the love, unity and fruitfulness within each Oasis family member and releases the blessing of God upon these gatherings. These small groups (or POD's) meet in a home and are facilitated across three locations in Auckland; being Hillsborough (which includes East, South & Central attendees); the Hibiscus Coast, and in Milford on the North Shore (which includes West attendees).

Some of the topics covered in the POD’s include; understanding the psychosomatic cause of sickness, releasing forgiveness, blockages to healing, repentance, generational issues, and the Oasis Healing Prayer processes used on open nights. Because the content of this class is constantly evolving as the Holy Spirit directs, those involved learn and grow together as a family. Commitment involves three Thursday nights per month, comprising of one teachings teaching held in a small group (a POD) near you and two open night attendance at our Albany venue.  Criteria applies. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Oasis ministry teams please submit a Registration of Interest Form by clicking on the button below which will take you to our Contact page where you will find the above mentioned form for you to complete. It is possible to join Oasis training anytime during the year.

Empowering Oasis Mentors:

For those who are already leading Oasis prayer teams who are passionate about healing and mentoring those whom God is sending to help at the Oasis. The commitment is four Thursday nights per month. Attendance is by invitation. Criteria applies. 



This group is available for those who have been involved with Oasis Healing Prayer ministry for one year or more, and are regular attenders of  the Oasis Training and open nights.  This groups teaching is focused on practical growth and development.  Learning how these gifts are grown and outworked within the Oasis Healing Prayer ministry setting.  Attendance is by invitation. Criteria applies.



Are you a musician or singer who would love to see your gift develop and learn how to flow with the Holy Spirit in worship?

Those who are currently involved in the Oasis Worship Ministry love what the Holy Spirit is doing in the Oasis through healing and restoration. They know the vital part that worship plays in bringing the presence of Jesus into the experience of those who come for prayer ministry. The worship is not separate, but an integral part of the love and power that is released on the open nights.  This is for those who want to the pour the 'fragrant oil of worship' on the feet of Jesus. 

Our current Worship Team consists of musicians and singers from five different churches and we know that 2019 will be a year of increase in this precious area of ministry to our King!  

There is an expectation that those who wish to be a part of the Oasis Worship ministry are casual attenders of the Oasis Training PODs during the year, as the worship team does not function in isolation from the Oasis family as a whole.

If you are interested in being involved with the Oasis Worship,  we would love to hear from you.  Please click the LEARN MORE button below and use the General Enquiry Form to contact us. You will be contacted by Steve Hornblow, an accomplished Psalmist, who leads the Worship Ministry Team.  He will discuss the application process with you. Auditions may be included in the application process.


As the Oasis continues to grow, opportunities emerge to facilitate the blessing of the Lord upon this ministry. We have a variety of other roles that we would love help in.  Please contact us, by clicking on the LEARN MORE button above, if you would like further information on how you could help the Oasis in these support or administration areas.

Testimonys from Oasis family members:

"I truly love and appreciate my precious Healing Rooms family so much, it's really like a place of refuge for me. Where I can totally let my guard down and just soak and soak in the life changing presence of God, with my precious family. It's truly an oasis, a place of deep and genuine refreshing. Lives are powerfully changed over from the inside out in a very life changing way!" (Oasis family member since 2012). 


"It is hard to believe the change I see in myself since I joined the Oasis Healing Rooms team over five years ago.  The teaching I have had over that time has been invaluable in giving me confidence in the prophetic and healing ministry.  I am now more aware of Holy Spirit's promptings and hearing God's voice.  I have grown in my personal walk with God as well as received two miraculous healings just by being in His presence." (Oasis family member since 2013).